A Journey Through the Home in Dalziel-Pow New White Company Store

A Journey Through the Home in Dalziel-Pow New White Company Store


British lifestyle retailers The White Company have just opened their newest Lifestyle Store in Norwich. With a store aesthetic that ordinarily follows the same ‘white box’ format, this new concept store, designed by design consultancy and retail space experts, Dalziel-Pow, is a first for the company.

The White Company pride themselves on their ethos of carefully curated luxury lifestyle products, something that they in turn wanted to create within their new store. Dalziel-Pow have created what they coin as ‘a home from home’ concept through the store which through clever use of elements such as floor finishes creates a natural division between the various ‘room’ spaces that have been created.

The store aims to function as a kind of journey through the home, with natural wood flooring contrasted with smoothed natural stone floors to create the differentiations between living and bathroom spaces, displaying the appropriate products in soft grey toned wooden shelving filled with darker natural reed baskets display bathroom products while the same style of shelving, in a darker wood finish is utilised to display dinnerware.


The combination of different materials, from white washed woods, wrought iron display shelves and limestone reflect the brands neutral colour palette, something that as the name might suggest, is their trademark, while at the same time creating a tactile, more lived in environment than has been seen in any of the brands existing retail spaces.


Dalziel-Pow have also injected intriguing little touches in their use of animated projections. The store is littered throughout with projections onto certain key objects that appear to glow from the products themselves. From a teapot with the glowing words ‘Hand-finished by us, for you’ upon it to pillows displaying the mantra ‘Sweet dreams are made of this’ these clever lighting touches work to make the space a more inspirational, aspirational interior for shoppers.


The stores lighting in general has moved away from the stark, brightly lit retail spaces that we have come to recognise on the British high street and the spaces have a more homely, warm glow which works to present the brands products very much in the way that they would be in the home. While the store is very much a different aesthetic direction for the brand, it still oozes the timeless, affordable luxury that is at the heart of The White Company but in an arguably more inviting and accessible way.
Designers- Dalziel-Pow – www.dalziel-pow.com

Images- www.dalziel-pow.comThe White Company- Facebook

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