Architainment – Transforming environments with innovative lighting solutions


Architainment – Transforming environments with innovative lighting solutions

Architainment have been transforming structures and environments by their innovative use of LED lighting solutions since 2003. Now, they are a market leader in the field of architectural and commercial lighting solutions.

Over the years they have established strong relationships with some of the best lighting designers, electrical contractors, architects, urban planners and property managers in the industry. From the outset, they have chosen to represent and work with manufacturers who share the same high standards as themselves. With this in mind, they have understandably created a large portfolio of quality products.

As a large majority of their luminaires use LED technology, their customers are able to benefit from reliable, energy efficient solutions that also come with a five year product warranty.

Architainment stands out from the crowd by their offering for the “complete solution” encompassing more than just a lighting product and control option. Their dedicated in house team is with you throughout the process, understanding the requirements from both a technical and aesthetic level. The team guide you through the project management, programming and commissioning stages and can also offer post-installation support and service contracts if required.

By keeping a close eye throughout the process, the delivered solution surpasses expectations. The team knows the ins and outs of the industry and constantly re-position the goalposts to accomplish more. For them, it’s about delivering their knowledge through a friendly service, committing to creating projects that achieve the dreams of the client.

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Keep a look out in our Case Studies section to see some of the impressive projects that Architainment have completed.

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