Brightman LED supply high quality, efficient and reliable LED lights. They have years of experience working with clients to give the best results, so no matter what their requirements they get the best.

Over the years they have supplied lights for a huge range of clients including Chelsea FC, Ports of Jersey, East Midlands Trains and Morris Site Machinery, as well as the renowned Principality Stadium. The experience they have gained on these projects has built the foundations for a company that knows what it’s doing and can work with you to find the perfect lights for your project. Also specialising in flood lights for marine application, they have many strings to their bow. Whether it’s an office, car park or sports club – they will deliver the best solution. We take a look into what has made them so successful:




At Brightman they work hard to provide the best service to customers. They use DIALux lighting simulations to find the right LED lights for your project. They pride themselves on giving a reliable and efficient service; with low maintenance and repair costs on products, a five or eight year guarantee and next-day delivery across the UK. All their LEDs are economical and efficient, reducing your electricity bill and carbon footprint.


  1. TRUST


One of the benefits of Brightman LED is their high involvement in the production process. They are actively involved in the design and build of all of their lights to make sure they are all to the highest quality. They use the very latest components from industry leaders so that you know you are getting a product you can rely on.


As a research-driven company you can trust that you are always getting the very latest technology, designs and products. Their ongoing development of new and exciting LED lights keeps them at the forefront of the industry.




No matter what your project is, you want a company that you know has your best interests at heart and offer you the correct advice. At Brightman LED they offer a free consultancy service which helps you save time and money whilst delivering the best results.


Often you don’t need LED lights that are as large or as powerful as you think. At Brightman LED they give you free advice so that you get the right lighting for you. They help you find the most efficient, cost effective alternatives that provide you with the light at a lower cost.


To find out more about Brightman LED then visit their website:

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