Belle Nouvelle – A Modern and Eclectic Style Apartment in Paris


Belle Nouvelle – A Modern and Eclectic Style Apartment in Paris

The apartment located in the center of Paris owns a bright colors and vivid graphic decoration and breathtaking views over the city.


This 140 sq.m. apartment in the center of Paris is mainly used by its owners as a guest house, since they are a young couple of travel lovers.

Before starting to create the ideal ambience, the designer chosen for this project, Nika Vorotynstseva, made an intensive study by analyzing the Parisian chic interiors. She found out that most of the interiors had an eclectic design with a gentle touch of glamour, so after this research, the designer opted to create an ambiance that was fresh, open and modern.

To create has must space as possible Nika opted to eliminate the small and old-fashioned division style and open in bigger and more spacious blokes like “fireplace area, TV area, dining room with kitchen, master unit with bathroom and dressing room, and a guest room with a bathroom. As a result, we got an open space flooded with sunlight”, explains Nika.


She elaborates “Our client has an artistic sort, loves bright colours and mirrors, we used this information to play with the space. Since the apartment is not for permanent residence, it gave us an opportunity to use bright colours and vivid graphics freely.”


The color palette present at this residential project is so varied as the color Paris may have. The sleeping area is opposite to the living room. It’s created with soft cream colors that invites to relax. The curved ceiling in the bathroom and in the hall relate to a classic style, that supports the classic spirit of this apartment.


To create a balance between this classic look and the modern flair of today’s design Nika opted to use current pieces of furniture, as well as areas such as the kitchen, that function as a bridge to everything beautiful, comfortable and ergonomic, created today.


The centerpiece of this interior is considered to be the emerald wall with decorative protruding elements in the TV area, which was created according to our sketches made in Ukraine.” Nika tells us.


To create the elegance and balance necessary with this vibrant emerald wall the designer opted once more to innovate in the dining area by choosing a lamp that is itself a statement Ella Suspension Lamp by DelightFULL, the lines of this Lamp are so timeless as the decor can be, inspired by the 50’s and 60‘s this is the perfect combinations for the classic but modern look that emerges all over the apartment.


By the fireplace, we can relax, enjoy the nature outside and appreciate the light inside with the two Ella Wall Lamps also by DelightFULL, which can make the nights seems calm and everlasting together with the classic mirror.



Nika Vorotynstseva

Nika is a young Ukrainian designer based in Kiev, owner of the Nika Vorotyntseva Design & Architecture Bureau. She has currently several works in progress all over the world.

We love what we do. Our work – is the ability to create something special, important for people. Each project is unique and also unique experience that we acquire. We try to implement the ideas that bring pleasure to the customer and ourselves. Our team is ready to work actively, sharing fresh ideas and take part in the formation of modern trends.”

Nika Vorotynstseva

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