CoeLux® brings Californian sunshine to Copenhagen


CoeLux® brings Californian sunshine to Copenhagen

CoeLux® the Italian high-tech lighting system was chosen to light up the California Kitchen concept store taking the revolutionary lighting system to the first restaurant of the Danish chain creating a light, warm and welcoming space in the heart of Copenhagen.

CoeLux® is the ground breaking optical system based on nano technology which artificially reproduces natural light and the visual appearance of the sun and sky in spaces that are deprived of natural light, creating the sensation of infinite space.

California Kitchen is the latest generation fast-casual restaurant which offers Californian food, revised in terms of hospitality and presentation, featuring locally sourced products, healthy food and a variety of menus accommodating varied tastes.

The California Kitchen innovation centres on both food and its interior design, which was created by Californian and Danish architects and designers. CoeLux® was chosen by the designers to bring extra Californian sunshine to the restaurant whatever the weather, simulating the effect of a sunny day because of the LED and nano technology.

CoeLux® allows the rooms of the restaurant to be perceived under a different light. Being sat at one of the California Kitchen tables in Copenhagen is not only an amazing gastronomic experience, but thanks to its technology, CoeLux® boosts the feeling of wellbeing and comfort, encouraging people to enjoy the restaurant interiors.

CoeLux®  has been commissioned for projects across the World including Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Lithuania, USA, Russia, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Belgium, projects have included hospitals, hotels, stores, shopping malls, offices, wellness centres, airports, museums and houses.


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