SPEIRS AND MAJOR: Compose, Collaborate and Create

Spiers and Major Copenhagen

SPEIRS AND MAJOR: Compose, Collaborate and Create

Speirs and Major providing more than just light

With a combination of creativity and pragmatism, Speirs and Major are working to ensure client’s lighting solution is both sustainable and easy to manage. For them, working with clients is a close collaboration between their architects and designers, using light to reveal the core principles of the design, while integrating into the final built form. It’s their passion for light and their innovation in its use that puts Speirs and Major into our Lighting Solutions Series.

Working with some of the top lighting firms in the world, they are one of the top 3 Lighting Design Companies. They have offices in both London and Edinburgh, containing a team of 30 people drawn from all disciplines including interior design, graphic design, theatre and of course lighting. The expertise from their team mean over the years in the industry they have built an impressive portfolio. They have successfully completed lighting projects across the world, such as the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen Opera House and the interior of St. Pauls Cathedral, London.

But what makes them special with Lighting Solutions? The award winning practice uses light to enhance the experience of the visual environment. They work with light from the first principles, observing the benefits of natural light and only adding light where is needed.
Unlike many they don’t see light as decorative instead believing it has the power to change our perception of the world: “It provides comfort and wellbeing. We are narrators and choreographers. We help reveal sensations and create ambiences.”

Aware of the constant need for innovation, Speirs and Major use their experience of working in the industry to identifying gaps in the market to create new, innovate products. They believe that their designs seek a special harmony between the quality of light, the form of the object and sustainability of technology used.
Collaborations are important for the company in order to inspire stimulating interactions. The benefit of exploring light and darkness means that there is a never ending stream of ideas. They believe that by keeping options open it allows everyone involved to overlay imaginations, learn from each other and think counter-intuitively: ultimate creating something incredible yet sustainable.

To find out more about Speirs and Major visit: http://www.speirsandmajor.com/

Our Lighting Solutions Series will continue throughout the month. You can follow the series on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lightingandinteriorsonline/

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