Contrac Lighting – Helping Stagecoach UK

Contrac Lighting – Helping Stagecoach UK

Helping Stagecoach UK reduce their energy consumption.


Stagecoach UK Bus needed to update the lighting at a number of its depots across the UK, to help meet the company’s strategy to reduce energy consumption, whilst also retaining good overall lighting levels.

The Challenge

In many of its depots the company was predominantly using old 250W SON fittings running 20 hours per day, 7 days per week. The challenge was to provide adequate lighting levels and at the same time ensuring good uniformity.

The Solution

The lighting at the Stagecoach depots was measured at an electricity rate of 0.08. With Stagecoach estimating a conservative 50% occupancy in depots, and daylight savings taken at 20%, Contrac determined that Stagecoach could realise savings in excess of £39,000 per annum by using 4 lamp 54W fittings together with daylight and occupancy sensors.


Contrac’s solutions exceeded all expectations both in the quality of light delivered – the shift from orange lighting to high quality white light created a brighter, better working environment – as well as the energy savings produced from the solution. As a result, Stagecoach commissioned Contrac Lighting to survey and recommend lighting solutions for an additional 32 depots, each of which had its own unique lighting requirements.

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