Contrac Lighting Transforms Sheffield Hallam Uni

Contrac Lighting Transforms Sheffield Hallam Uni

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In the first in a line of reports on Contrac Lighting, one of Lighting and Interiors top ten recommended lighting solutions companies, our curated list of companies whom we believe are the best at providing full lighting solutions, we will be highlighting key projects that Contrac have been involved in, with more to be featured over the coming weeks and months. 

As educational establishments have begun to strive for energy efficiency , lighting has become of primary concern, with many seeking to improve their existing lighting systems. Contrac Lighting were approached by Sheffield Hallam University for advice and guidance when upgrading the existing lighting systems in their Owen Building.

The building itself posed some issues, with it’s open atrium and glass roof around which there are five floors and a restrictive ceiling, meaning that there were limits as to the size and the shape of the lamps and luminaries that could be used for the project.

With many companies in competition for the project, many of whom suggested that the existing 1x36W PLL Switched Start Recessed fittings be reinstalled using high frequency control gear to provide some energy savings however Contrac Lighting offered a different approach.

Contrac were able to design a bespoke, tailored energy saving lighting solution for the University by combining both direct and indirect light fittings with DSI dimmable control gear and daylight occupancy sensors.

Utilising the abundance of natural light that floods through the Owen Buildings glass roof, which had not been taken into consideration previously, Contrac were able to highlight exactly where the University’s energy losses were stemming from and provide solutions that counteracted these.

Contrac supplied a number of different samples of their Softlux 6, tailored to fit within the 575x575mm dimensions required, in a variety of different control and powder coating options. The samples enabled the university to trial the fittings to ensure that the new systems fulfilled the exact requirements of the Owen Building.

In total, Contrac installed 245 new fittings consisting of Tridonic PCA126TCL eco ballasts 36W PLL Col 840 lamps all of which are linked to the University’s building management system, providing total control dimmable gear and sensors. This alone has saved Sheffield Hallam around 30%.

By utilising the natural light within the space and offering solutions that meant that lights no longer needed to remain on at all times, Contrac have provided a lighting system that is not only more cost effective for the institution but is much kinder to the environment.

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