CPN Lighting Control working with zencontrol

CPN Lighting Control working with zencontrol

At CPN lighting control it’s all about 100% service satisfaction. With quality products, after sales service and involvement with end users they are ahead of the industry when it comes to customer support.


They offer maintenance, technical support and ongoing system checks throughout the life cycle of their automated lighting products so that clients are left assured that they are in good hands.


As a family run business, the team is built up with dedicated employees who are dedicated to bring the best automated lighting products. With this in mind they are committed to further product development, to remain at the forefront of the Automated Lighting Control industry.


One thing in particular that puts them at the forefront of the industry is their work with zencontrol; enabling smarter buildings by reducing barriers and complexity traditionally found in lighting control. But what is zencontrol?


Since beginning in 2006, zencontrol have become a leader in the industry as a manufacturer of lighting and control products including Emergency Luminaires, control gear and lighting control systems incorporating DALI.


Now, with over 150 staff including 50 engineers they are involved in research, product development and support. Priding themselves on their high quality design, manufacture and service their products and solutions stand ahead of the competition.


This year, CPN lighting control appointed zencontrol lighting distributors for the UK and Ireland. By working together, clients are receiving the very best in product quality and service.

CPN Lighting use extremely flexible automated lighting control that can be tailored to any installation with any combination of detectors, switches and scheduled timed event control. The benefits of their automated lighting control system include a reduced installation time as well as reduced installation costs and running costs, which means you are saving time and money.


Having worked on a number of high profile projects across the UK, CPN have a proven track record for quality projects. They are currently maintaining over 150 projects around the country.


If you would like to find out more visit: https://www.cpnlightingcontrol.com/

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