FARO Foundation Signs Service Contract with Zumtobel Group

FARO Foundation Signs Service Contract with Zumtobel Group


Improvement of lighting quality and energy efficiency: FARO Foundation signs service contract with Zumtobel Group

*Energy and maintenance costs reduced by 75 percent

*Guaranteed level of illuminance for optimal workplace conditions

The FARO Foundation, located in Windisch, Switzerland, chose Zumtobel Group to be their lighting partner. Recently FARO relocated to their new premises and concluded a NOW! service contract, decisively improving the lighting in their work spaces, particularly in terms of lighting quality and energy efficiency. The five-year contract with Zumtobel Group guarantees the foundation, appropriate lighting levels conforming to the relevant standards for workplace lighting. Furthermore, Zumtobel Group will arrange regular inspections of the LED luminaires and provide services such as assembly of the new, and disposal of the old lighting installations. Thanks to the modernisation, the energy and maintenance costs for the non-profit organisation will be reduced by 75%.


“For us the service model offered by the Zumtobel Group is a great solution: it saves investment costs, increases energy efficiency, and, above all, gives us good lighting. Workplace ergonomics and lighting are very important to persons with disabilities. The beneficial cooperation with Zumtobel Group has made the move towards a new lighting solution a lot easier for us. I was particularly impressed that such a large company would do so much for its customers on-site”, says Dani Hohler, FARO Foundation director.

FARO helps and employs adults with cognitive and physical impairments. Based on their interests and capabilities, they can choose whether they want to work in a studio, a workshop, or a cafeteria. In June this year, the foundation moved into its new premises in Windisch, where the official opening celebration will take place on 23 September 2016. After assessing the existing lighting at the new premises, FARO chose a NOW! contract for economical and quality reasons. Just five weeks after signing the contract, the installation of the new LED lighting solution was completed. TECTON, the continuous-row lighting system from Zumtobel as well as the Poppack luminaire from Thorn were installed. The new lighting solution ensures a significantly improved level of lighting and compliance with workplace standards.


“We are happy that we are able to support the FARO Foundation in improving their lighting. Workplace lighting is an important factor for health, satisfaction and performance of employees. With the level of illumination and the services included in the NOW! contract, FARO can rely on good lighting at a monthly rate. This enables our customers to have more capacity and means for focussing on their core business,”says Roland Iseli from the NOW! team in Switzerland.



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