Forbo Celebrates Mid-Century Design with new Tibor Collaboration…


Forbo Celebrates Mid-Century Design with new Tibor Collaboration…

New Tibor Flotex Collection

Flotex by Tibor Reich is the latest creative collaboration by Forbo and the company founded by this icon of mid century design, to produce visionary printed textile flooring. Famous for revolutionising surface pattern design, and particularly in developing many cutting edge design techniques still relevant today, it is only fitting to celebrate this icon with the new Tibor collection.

Texture was the defining feature of Tibor’s textiles, which was showcased through his ground breaking 1957 “Fotexur” designs. Some of the timeless yet arresting patterns have been reproduced using the outstanding digital printing possibilities offered by Flotex flocked flooring, to provide specifiers with a premium floor covering for high-end, design led projects.

The collection consists of eight designs: Ziggurat, Mosaic, Quartz, Tessello, Onyx, Tweedy, Arbor and Atomic – all of which were inspired by photographs of various natural objects and textures, such as straw, rocks and pebbles, cracked mud and the bark of a tree. Indeed, Tibor’s uniquely innovative design style enabled him to capture the beauty in everyday items.


Flotex by Tibor Reich

Forbo has teamed up with British design legend Tibor on an exciting new range for Flotex flocked flooring. Pioneering textile designer Tibor Reich – creator of Tibor – was a man ahead of his time. Although his striking patterns date from the 1950s, they could have been designed yesterday. The cutting-edge technology of Flotex digital printed flooring gives a new lease of life to Tibor’s arresting patterns and enables exceptional floor designs.


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