From Soft Tones to the Renaissance-Autumns Biggest Interiors Trends


From Soft Tones to the Renaissance-Autumns Biggest Interiors Trends

As much as it might pain everyone here to admit, the days are finally drawing in and the temperature is dropping. As Autumn rolls around, it is as much a transitional period for interiors as it is for fashion, but what are the biggest trends for the upcoming season and how can we inject a bit of colour into those chilly autumn days? 2_17 One of the key interior colour trends for the Autumn season is a palette of soft pale tones. Blush tones, nudes, soft greys and charcoals. These softer hues are perfect for the colder months when mixed with darker masculine tones for a more contemporary look. The combination with darker tones creates depth and have an almost dreamlike quality, perfect for creating a tranquil yet cosy bedroom space. nochintz2 Another key trend is to clash strong colours and patterns. Think synthetic tones like lime greens, electric blues and bright oranges contrasted with strong, rigid geometric patterns and prints. This is not a trend for the faint hearted but the clashing of the bold colours and prints creates a very contemporary finish with a touch of the retro, especially where the prints are concerned, which is the perfect way to update your home for the upcoming season. dark-grey-living-room-with-coloured-accents Although perhaps not the most obvious place for interiors inspiration, the Renaissance and Medieval periods, have proved to be a big source of inspiration for this season. Decadent, deep rich colours and fabrics, antique metallics and a return the traditional with woven fabrics making an appearance in soft furnishings. This aesthetic is typically autumnal with rich berry tones, luxurious greens and tactile fabrics. Tartans are going to play a big part as we saw last year and there will also be more of the faux fur accessories that we in Autumn/Winter 2013. trends_2014_18-130371068753354300 Finally, there is a return to the natural. With a colour range harking from the natural world, sea blues, sage greens, slate greys and natural sands combined with patterns inspired by nature. Muted florals and natural geometric shapes mixed with modern materials create a contemporary but organic look. Natural elements utilised as décor, from naturally smoothed stones and pebbles to sea grass and natural hessian fabrics, this look is ideal to create a calming space.

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