FUTURE Designs – Bespoke Light

FUTURE Designs – Bespoke Light

Hot off the press is FUTURE Designs Bespoke book which offers a visual snapshot of their ability to turn their client’s concepts into reality.

Since man-made light was invented someone somewhere has wanted something different, unique or bespoke from it. Whether this be for comfort, impact, aesthetic to warn or warm; the human race constantly wants an alternative visual.

Add the professions of architecture, design and consulting and the desire magnifies.  These professionals have the enviable ability to visualise an idea and transfer to 2D or 3D sketches and drawings.  And that is where FUTURE Designs comes to the forefront.

Their experience and expertise is world class in turning concept to reality and in having the ability and skill sets to interpret the visual and provide a simile that not only is aesthetically correct but more importantly is fit for purpose, sustainable and maintainable.

Find out more at: www.futuredesigns.co.uk.

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