FUTURE designs head into the world of 3D printing

FUTURE designs head into the world of 3D printing

FUTURE Designs has installed a comprehensive 3D print system within its Research & Development facility which has proved to be incredibly successful in two main areas.


3D Printing has allowed the product design team to make decisions more efficiently during the development stage of products and prototyping new components.  This is quick and effortless via 3D printing compared to producing the same parts in metal.  In turn allowing the design team to understand if new concepts are functional much more quickly than fabricating models.


ANGOL the latest addition to the FUTURE Designs continuous range of luninaires uses many elements from the successful VANE design such as the diffuser which also fits the ANGOL profile.  The 3D printer allows the team to test the fit of the existing parts with the new parts as they design.


The benefit for clients are:


  • Quick lead times.
  • Prototypes can be created enabling our clients to touch and feel the product.
  • Clients can get an idea of the scale and over all look enabling them to feedback any design changes.

To find out more visit: https://www.futuredesigns.co.uk/


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