The next addition to our Lighting Solutions Series is the bespoke lighting solutions company FUTURE Designs.

Established in 1991, FUTURE Designs is a UK based designer and manufacturer of high quality luminaires and bespoke lighting solutions, with a proud heritage of meeting the exacting demands and requirements of clients, designers and engineers in all sectors of the property and construction industry.

VL7M0045aFUTURE Designs is an LED specialist, constantly investing in development and innovative products by the productive and efficient use of materials.

Supported by a carefully managed programme of research and development, FUTURE Designs is committed to the very best in lighting solutions from concept through to installation and after sales service. Constantly developing new and exciting product ranges that meet the needs of their diverse base. Even if a product has been successful in the market place they believe there is always room to further develop the success, be it through more efficient manufacturing or by incorporating the latest materials. The on-site facility allows FUTURE Designs to control the development of our luminaires from initial idea conception through to launch.

Barclays Reception 1 Churchill PlaceFUTURE Designs understands that good energy performance is critical in financial management for building owners and occupiers in these times of ever increasing energy costs and the introduction of carbon taxes. They have always produced high efficiency, low energy luminaires but are constantly striving to do even more, providing useful light in the right places for lower energy input. This is done with not just highly efficient luminaires but efficient control systems, dimmers, presence and daylight detectors.

FUTURE Designs engineer and produce their products to fulfil one desire: making light work.

You can find out more on their projects or browse their product range here:


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