The Wästberg Busby w152 lamp designed by Industrial Facility is our ideal bedside table lamp, a simple and modern lighting solution with 3 USB ports, designed for an age when plugging in to recharge has become the normal habit before turning in for the night.


Designed as a freestanding, wall-mountable or integrated lighting solution, the aluminum w152 isn’t just a “dumb” LED light, as Industrial Facility has engineered the USB ports with the ability to detect power the requirements of whatever device is plugged in to optimize the current to provide the fastest recommended charge.





The w152 Busby illuminates with a 2,700 K color temperature, 550 lumen LED bulb.




The lamp is available with both a spherical ambient diffuser offering 360-degrees of rotation and also a downward rectangular head iteration suited for desk duty, both outfitted with 6-watt bulbs, with the option to wall mount or integrate the base into a surface for flush mounting. Industrial Facility has done a fine job of de-emphasizing the technological and underlining the utility in our lifestyles with these lights, a most “illuminated” view of lighting and electronics for the home.