First up in our Inside the Interior Industry series is Armstrong Ceilings: global leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall and suspension system solutions.  But what makes them a global leader? We’ve selected what we believe are the top 3 reasons:




To make it as a global leader, it’s important to have both trust and integrity on your side. For Armstrong Ceilings it’s something that has set them apart for more than 150 years. Among the industry they have development a vital reputation that has allowed them to collaborate with their customers, shareholders, communities and employees.


With these values at the core of the company, Armstrong Ceilings have gone from project to project producing ceiling solutions at an exceptionally high standard.




As a company Armstrong Ceilings are always coming up with innovative ways to improve their products and create interior solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performance to create beautiful spaces.


One particular innovation is the acoustic properties of their ceilings. They can help control sound and noise within a room and room to room. This effect is perfect in schools, for example. The acoustical ceilings mean that children can hear better, learn faster and the effect can also help teachers teach.


Committed to the growth of the company, the Armstrong Ceilings team works hard to ensure they are constantly developing new and sustainable ceiling solutions.




Armstrong have worked with a lot of companies on a lot of prestigious products. Each one takes a different approach and they work hard to collaborate the best results.


One of their joint ventures, WAVE with Worthington Industries is celebrating their 25th year collaboration. For a quarter of a century, WAVE has designed and manufactured the most innovative commercial suspended ceiling and drywall grid systems and accessories on the market, resulting in sustained and unmatched venture success for both.


The venture focuses on providing customers with total ceiling solutions that save time and money. WAVE’s most recent innovations include LED lighting integration solutions: pre-engineered drywall ceiling suspensions that are up to four times faster to install than traditional track and channel framing.


This anniversary is strong example of the company’s relationships and how collaborations have made Armstrong Ceilings what it is today.


You can view all of the Armstrong Ceilings projects here:

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