Canal Architectural have made it into our Inside the Interior Industry Series for their residential and commercial architectural featuresThe Nottingham based architectural metalwork supplier has been a well-received supplier for over 25 years.

Some superb recent projects for Canal Architectural have included the Burlington stylish glass staircase, for a commercial space in London, the Hamilton stylish helical feature staircase for a residential property in London and also the Relton Mews staircase for a residential property also in London. Read more about them here: Case Studies: Canal Architectural.

Canal case studies

Burlinton, Hamilton and Relton Mews staircases


Canal Photo_1

1. Bespoke Metalwork Fabrication

The Nottingham based architecture manufacturer prides itself on its ability to produce ‘out of the box’ designs and can even create detailed metalwork sculptures.

Canal Architectural ensures that the client’s original design ideas are adhered to in each project whilst advising on the best process for the task.


2. Creator of luxury architectural elements

Canal pushes contemporary design to its limits with its range of luxury staircases, balustrades, and balconies. These can be made to measure, bespoke architectural elements which are pre-planned with detailed production drawings and 3D CAD visualisations. The products are designed with the user in mind and in the example of balconies, glass is used to maximise the view of the outside as well as other durable materials when needed.


3. The spiral staircases are stunning

Using their unparalleled expertise of working materials, Canal Architectural combines glass panelling, timber treads and metal frameworks to produce stunning feature staircases in homes and stores such as the Republic in Leeds. The Republic staircase spans three floors, is 12 metres high and includes anti-slip inserts as a safety precaution.

Find out more about the innovative manufacturers products here: Canal Architectural.

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