Next up in Inside the Interior Industry Series. Cubicle Works make and supply washroom solutions, such as WC and shower cubicles, lockers and benches. The management team have over 20 years experience providing washroom elements to UK businesses.

1. Offers free project surveys

Cubicle Works are able to offer free surveys to assess your requirements to businesses based in the UK. To be able to provide the best service, these surveys are given free of charge and even include CAD drawings so the customer really knows what to expect.




2. Each element measured to suit

Pre-project plans include an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs. At this stage the client is provided with detailed drawings which they can adjust and comment on to save time and money during the creation stage.


cubicle works


3. Advice down to the last detail

Cubicle Works’ experts are able to advise on anything from measurements to the colour swatches to use. The washroom facility provider also boasts unparalleled customer support, which can help you on every step on the journey.

4. Impressive range of products

This UK based company can kit out any washroom facility with its range of services, from shower cubicles through to vanity units and benching, Cubicle Works can be your one stop bathroom facility option.

To find out more about Cubicle Works, their projects and products visit: Cubicle Works.

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