Egger have made it into our Inside the Interior Industry Series as one of the leading brands for wood based solutions in Europe. We have a look into just what makes the company so effective when it comes to wood based solutions.



Egger has developed a huge global client base over the years. They produce and market products in Europe, including Russia and Turkey. Outside of Europe, they are active in strategic export markets and cooperate with key customers. They achieve sustainable international growth based on their own performance and by preserving their independence.


By providing their customers with innovative solutions and market-oriented products and services internationally they have developed an invaluable client base and global reputation.




At Egger, their core values are important and their commitment to them has resenated through to the customers developing them a reputation built behind their loyalty.


Respect, trust, partnership and loyalty define the everyday actions of the company. They stick to their word and their values. It’s this trust has led to long term customer relationships with some well-known companies.  They preserve the pioneering spirit as a family run company and we believe that their long term success is down to this attitude.


For customers, this attitude means they receive the very best service and products. The respect for the customer fuels Egger to invest in the new and further development of products, processes and services to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry.




For over 30 years, Egger have secured wood fibre to manufacture the highest quality wood-based materials for the UK market. Egger pioneered dry fibre purchasing in the UK for over 15 years, which has enabled them to plan their requirements for wood fibre more accurately. They select their materials carefully.


  • Sawdust
    Fresh and clean softwood sawdust, from the sawmilling process, is used to create a smooth and clean surface layer for our wood-based materials
  • Hackchips
    Another product from sawmilling, these are milled down into smaller chips and are used in the core layer
  • Roundwood
    The portion of a harvest conifer tree not used for sawmilling is ideally suited to the process. Roundwood is flaked for use in the core layer
  • Slabwood
    Slabwood is chipped and then directed through the hackchip route to be used in the core layer
  • Recycled Wood Fibre
    Grade A and B recycled wood is sourced from both commercial wood waste and civic amenity sites, through their dedicated recycled wood processing company EGGER Timberpak Limited.


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