Third up in our Inside the Interior Industry Series is Gresham. Gresham design and manufactures work space and furniture around the globe and are leading the industry in both developing and manufacturing office furniture. But what has made them so successful since they first started out in Bolton in 1976?




Gresham approach every customer relationship as a new partnership, making every effort to make the project as mutually rewarding as possible. They believe in keeping things friendly and productive and work carefully to meet and exceed the expectations of the client.


It’s this attitude towards their clients that have given them the edge in the industry. Clients are confident in the knowledge of the team and the results expected on the project. The strong relationships that they have secured over the years means that clients not only stay with them but are also the first to recommend them, something that is so important within the interior industry.




At Gresham they are passionate about everything they create. They work with the finest designers to create individual pieces that reflect personality and enhance the workplace. The passion comes through the process right until the end product.


Based in their Bolton Studio there is a team working away to balance creativity and flair with quality. They are constantly exploring innovations in technology and materials as well as keeping up to date with the changing trends of the ever-adapting workplace. For them, it’s all about getting right.




At Gresham they offer a range of services to ensure you have guidance through the entire process. They work with you from the initial idea right through until after service.


One of their services is ‘Space Planning’ which brings your concept to reality. They can adapt any size project from simple 2D line drawings to fully rendered 3D visuals and walkthroughs. Once you have the concept they work with you to create the perfect working environment.


Once the furniture is installed by their highly trained team, they offer their renowned after sales service. Highly experienced personnel are on hand at all times to answer your queries and quickly resolve any issues that may arise.


No matter what the project or what you are looking for, the team at Gresham are there to support you through it all.


To find out more about Gresham, their projects and products then visit:


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