Next up in our Inside the Interior Industry Series is the UK’s leading specialist in heavy contract fibre bonded carpets and carpet tiles, Heckmondwike FB.

At the forefront of the industry for over 40 years, they were an obvious contender for our series. We’ve selected the top three reasons, we believe they have been so successful:




Heckmondwike have done extensive research into what works best for different environments. Whether it be a hospital, library or commercial building, extensive research has been carried out to ensure that the carpet meets your aesthetic, acoustic, thermal and durability requirements.


Within this knowledge, they have developed a reputation of a company that delivers high quality results. With over 40 years’ experience in supplying carpet to the education sector in particular, Heckmondwike know exactly what to go for when choosing a school carpet. You can read their ‘Tips when choosing a school carpet’ here:


  1. RANGE


Heckmondwike have a huge range of products available and within them the range has various options. The Supacord range for example has over 42 shades available and the option of tile or sheet to suit project requirements. This range in particular is renowned for not ravelling or fraying as well having anti-static and anti-slip properties.


The range of products and options means that no matter what your project, the team will be able to meet your requirements. Flooring that offers a wide range of colours, textures and finishes is an important part of any project. We believe that this has been a huge contributor to the success of Heckmondwike over the years.


  1. TEAM


In any successful company you need a successful team. At Heckmondwike the team are helpful friendly and have a huge knowledge base. Last month the company saw some new senior appointments to its senior management team in order to support its continued business growth.


The company welcomed some successful faces. David Rhodes, took up a Joint Managing Director position. With over 27 years’ experience in the carpet industry he will bring his knowledge to further developing the sales and marketing and customer service offering of Heckmondwike.

The team also saw the return of Bob Mortimer as National Sales Manager who has spent the last 34 years working in the carpet industry.


Kathryn Keshmiri has also been appointed to the company as Marketing Manager having worked in construction and specification for the last four years and a history in marketing.


The passion and drive of the team at Heckmondwike, we believe will continue to push it’s success in the industry in the future.



To find out more about Heckmondwike products used in student accommodation click here:


Or to view the huge range of Heckmondwike products visit:

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