Inside: Neon Creations

Inside: Neon Creations

The company Neon Creations was established in 2005 and specialises in the design and manufacture of custom made neon signs and lights. They produce mainly one-off custom designs for a client base which ranges from retail, leisure, music, design/ad agencies, events and domestic clients.  Well-known clients include singer Lucy Spraggan, dirty food pioneers Solita and Missguided.

With over 25 years’ experience in the neon sign making industry, Tony Spink, owner of Bolton based neon sign studio Neon Creations, specialises in the design and manufacture of custom made neon signs, neon lights and neon art. Catherine who is Tony’s partner in Neon Creations, says:

“Our passion for all things neon stems from our genuine love of creating unique and bespoke neon products, as we believe that our personalised and attentive approach enables us to deliver a truly spectacular service that sets us apart from our competitors. What’s more, all of our design and manufacture is undertaken in-house, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that your ideas won’t ever be lost in translation. Our neon products are supplied for a wide range of personal, commercial and industrial uses including branding, events, entertainment, gifts, art and domestic use.”

Bespoke Neon Lights and Signs

Among the custom designs of Neon Creations, one finds neon architectural lighting, neon on print or on wooden panels, as well as UV neon. Some of the most versatile products are the neon designs enclosed in acrylic cases, ready to be plugged in and designed to be moved, including being taken on a tour, like the above mentioned logo for singer Lucy Spraggan. The mirror boxes – like the Rolls Royce logo featured below, offer a different approach, with a slightly subtler use of neon, without the apparent tube but with the same unique glowing light. The infinity boxes, one of the most spectacular designs in the Neon Creations’ portfolio, give a high visual impact and the illusion of the neon shape going on and on and on. The infinity box uses the phenomena created by facing two mirrors towards each other, with neon sandwiched in between, to create the illusion of an infinite depth and recurring neon. The construction is highly technical and controlled, and the end effect is playful, puzzling and powerful: simple line drawings just jump out of the box and retreat into infinity.

The designs of Neon Creations are all manufactured to the client’s exact size and specification. There is also the option of requesting a design upon a certain idea, as Catherine further explains:

“Here at Neon Creations, we love transforming your creative ideas into truly unique custom made neon signs and lights that are perfect for commercial or domestic use. We believe that we are experts in bringing your ideas to life, so whether you provide us with a specific design or if you’d prefer us to design something for you, you can be sure that our neon solutions will forever be the focal point of any room. As most of our custom made neon signs are supplied either ready to hang or fully encased in an acrylic box/panel, all you have to do is plug it in and prepare to be amazed. However, should you require any assistance with the installation, then we’re more than happy to offer advice when you contact us with your requirements.”

Neon Art

Tony Spink learnt his skills with a large sign company where he started as a trainee in 1989. He fell in love with the product and realised there was so much more that could be done with it, then once again he fell in love, this time with his now wife Catherine, and moved up to Manchester in 2001. Besides working for clients, Tony Spink also created 20 bespoke pieces that were exhibited, alongside acrylic and resin based art by Stephen Farley, in Manchester’s Artzu Gallery. Catherine, Tony’s partner, adds: “We set up the business as Tony was frustrated with the companies he worked for as he wasn’t getting the chance to be as creative as he would like. He was fed up making repetitive work so I told him to stop moaning about it, and let’s do something about it, so we did!” The LIGHT TOUCH Exhibition ran in November 2017.

Find more on the Neon Creations website:

Contact Neon Creations: Neon Creations Ltd, Unit H6, Swan Business Centre, 4 Higher Swan Lane, Bolton, BL3 3AQ | tel.: 01204 655866 | email: [email protected] |

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