Latest Case studies from Canal Architectural


Latest Case studies from Canal Architectural

Canal Architectural have recently been busy creating some elaborate, corporate and luxury staircases for clients across London. These have been for a mix of commercial and residential properties in the UK’s capital. 


For an office building in central London, Canal Architectural took out the existing staircase and balustrade and replaced it with a stunning contemporary staircase. This resulting in people entering the building being wowed by the new, aesthetically pleasing, feature staircase.

Using their state of the art manufacturing plant in Nottingham, Canal created the stainless steel base and main structure. This was complimented by stainless steel handrails. These were then transported to the London office building.    

Designed in accordance with building regulations, the staircase includes a 21.5mm thick glass balustrade which emphasises light reflections and gives more visible space to the structure.     

An addition of dark oak to the top of the steel handrail adds to the luxurious appeal of the feature staircase. Going even further in terms of a high class product, Canal topped off the treads with a light coloured stone to fit harmoniously with the feature wall and ground floor.

LOCATION: London | STAIR MATERIALS: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Stone
BALUSTRADE MATERIALS: Glass | HANDRAIL MATERIALS: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Dark Oak Timber

Burlington Stainless Spine Staircase

Burlington Stainless Spine Staircase


In this project, Canal excelled by producing a solid mild steel bespoke helical staircase for a residential home in London.

Designed to match the style of the classical interior, the staircase steel has been given an off-white finish. While with a durable and tactile coating, the treads are topped off with hand crafted solid oak, giving the staircase a high class justification.    

The staircase is complimented with an ornately, laser cut 15mm thick balustrade of mild steel. This unique element gives a bespoke and creative appeal to the feature staircase, while not blocking out light unnecessarily. The balustrade was coated in bronze to give it a durable and elegant finish. 

The elegant feature staircase was then finished off with a stainless steel handrail, wrapped and stitched with leather.


Helical Staircase Laser Cut Balustrade-Hamilton

Helical Staircase Laser Cut Balustrade-Hamilton

Relton Mews

Canal Architectural created an open riser staircase to fit with the warm chocolate themed interior of a London home.

The mild steel structure of the staircase was finished with bronze to give a durable finish. Stained dark oak treads were installed to compliment the original floor.

The balustrades were formed with diagonal glass panels with a brownish tinge. The panels of 155mm laminated glass were then spaced evenly to allow for air flow and balance the tones of the staircase.

The addition of a steel, bronze-sprayed handrail sit harmoniously on top of the balustrade.

To finish, the tinted glass balustrade was topped with a square mild steel handrail that was also spray painted bronze on site to tie the look together.


Open-riser-straight-residential-staircase- Relton Mews

Open riser straight residential staircase- Relton Mews

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