Luminaires are getting smart. Are you?

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Luminaires are getting smart. Are you?

1 DSM at conferenceJune’s Lighting Fixtures Design Conference brought together industry leaders to discuss many opportunities and challenges facing our industry including the evolution of luminaires and the trend towards smart lighting. Technical Director David Scott-Maxwell joined the panel discussion Connected Lighting – Hype or hit? With Ray Molony introducing the panel as “the five brightest brains in the lighting industry”! They debated is connected lighting a niche technology or will it go mainstream?

David raised a potential paradox with connected lighting i.e. LED lighting is designed for long life but communication/connection technologies are becoming obsolete very quickly as new systems or more cost effective protocols become available. What do you think? See interviews from the day via the following youtube link: Luminaires are getting smart. Are you?

Grant Huck, Business Development Manager adds: “All our work, market knowledge and expertise enables us to be at the forefront of LED technology. Forge Europa is committed to manufacturing the best LED lighting solutions and future proofing where possible, helping you to stay ahead of the competition.”

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