LuxBox Launch – Thinking inside the box

LuxBox Launch

LuxBox Launch – Thinking inside the box

-Luxbox: guaranteed quality with 100% compliance all boxed up –

After weeks of teasers, Polynom AG, the Swiss holding group of renowned emergency lighting module manufacturer, Sander Elektronik AG has launched Lux Box Lighting Technology Ltd.

Director, Simon Fox opened the launch on Wednesday 10th May, at Drapers Hall in London. “It’s not every day you get to launch a new company, this is a really exciting time for us.”

logo luxboxSo what is inside the box? Luxbox will supply emergency lighting modules and components to lighting manufacturers. But the company will bring more than just that. Polynom, the leading supplier to lighting manufactures in the demanding German market since 1972 have fully invested into the company.

Michel Noe, CEO of Polynom is thrilled about the investment: “We are entering a new phase in our business and we are excited by the opportunities to grow revenue and accelerate development of our market leading technologies. This will enable us to take advantage of greater economies of scale.”

With the Polynom group on board, Luxbox has a strong manufacturing base in Switzerland to call upon. Simon believes that this partnership is a great start for the company;

“This is an extraordinary opportunity and I am privileged to be part of such a forward- thinking family. It is a close-knit team who share a common desire to bring a fresh, new outlook on a fairly traditional market.”

Having been in the emergency lighting market himself for over 20 years, Simon has absolute confidence that the new company has the quality of product and experience it needs to be successful.

Luxbox prides itself specifically on its exceptional customer service. With their experienced and knowledgeable team they are more than happy to offer a market leading, 5 year warranty. For them it’s so important that customers trust the product as it is so important in emergency lighting that it works properly.

“Emergency lighting is such an important part of our lives, but it’s almost invisible, you just expect it to work” says Simon.

All their products are fully compliant and will come with documented proof. For them it’s the combination of trust, reliability and experience that provides the best value.  As well as an exceptionally high quality product, Luxbox offers rapid delivery. By having such a strong manufacturing base in Switzerland it means products can be shipped over within days, rather than weeks. Automated assembly also means minimising labour costs.

For Michel Noe, there was no questions about investing. “I have known Simon for about 10 years, it’s a long time and I am excited to be invested in this new phase.”

It’s the strong support from the Polynom group that means Luxbox can put quality and reliability first.

To explore the Luxbox product range, visit their website:

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