Neon Creations, true art for all your lighting projects

Neon Creations, true art for all your lighting projects

Artists at Neon Creations go beyond just working with glass, shapes and colours as they go deep into the wonders of nature for inspiration to realise the bespoke and customised aspirations of those fortunate to resort to them for brilliant results that outshine competitors from across the U.K.

Neon Creations has over 25 years experience in the neon sign making industry and their artists specialise in the design and manufacture of custom made neon signs, neon lights and neon art.

“Creating neon products isn’t just our job, though, it’s our hobby and we live, eat and breathe neon (not literally, though),” the company states on their website.

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“Our aim is to bring your bright ideas to life in the form of mesmerising neon solutions,” they add, highlighting the fact that they sell and have for hire neon signs to suit the needs, tastes and budgets of all.

They have a profoundly true passion for all things neon and that’s due to their “genuine love of creating unique and bespoke neon products, as we believe that our personalised and attentive approach enables us to deliver a truly spectacular service that sets us apart from our competitors.”

More importantly, “Our neon products are designed to stand the test of time…”The firm creates products for a wide range of personal, commercial and industrial uses including branding, events, entertainment, gifts, art and domestic use.

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Throughout the years, Neon Creations has proven to be highly versatile in delivering solutions to a broad range of clients, which include BBC, Sony, RMV and Calvin Klein, just to mention very few.Customers of all industries, including music, media and entertainment, advertising and design, event organisers, interior designers, artists and galleries, fashion, retail and leisure, have sought out their services.

Neon Creations continues to improve and innovate with every project they take on.

If you visit Neon FAQs, many of your questions will be answered such as the fact that Neon Creations’ products typically have a 10-year lifetime while they stand behind all their products with a one-year warranty.

Another interesting FAQ is that most of the neon signs they manufacture are less than 100 Watts of illumination, and many are even less than 60 Watts, which is the typical wattage of a domestic light bulb.

Contact Neon Creations

They would really like to share their passion for neon signs with you, so please contact them anytime:

Neon Creations Ltd, Unit H6, Swan Business Centre, 4 Higher Swan Lane, Bolton, BL3 3AQ.

Company No: 05470206

If you would like to enquire about a custom made order, buy or hire our neon, please use their contact forms.

Please note that we are only able to arrange and guarantee delivery within mainland U.K.


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