Pixalux – How to increase sales in-store by up to 107%


Pixalux – How to increase sales in-store by up to 107%

It’s a well-known fact that over 50% of all sales made in retail are impulse purchases. That means that, before they went into the store, people did not know everything they in fact were going to buy.

So how did they decide what they were going to purchase? What motivated them to choose the things they did? Was it simply special offers, or in fact something more?

I have decided to write a series of messages which I hope will provide you with some useful information that you can use right away to get your customers to buy more. If you are not a retailer yourself, please feel free to pass these tips on to your retail customers.

This is such a vast subject so that I thought I would narrow it down a bit. This first message is all about the power of lighting and the effect it has on your customer’s buying decision.

Did you know that by adding lighting to displays it has been proven to increase sales of the product on display by up to 107%? (source entrepreneur.com). Yes, simply adding lighting onto a product has more than doubled the sales of that product!

There is light and then there is light!

But, I hear you say, our stores are well lit, won’t that do?

Well no, the point is that the light needs to be directly on the product or the message being given.

With hundreds if not thousands of products all competing for attention in a store, it is the ones with light on them that will stand out from the crowd and will come to the attention of the shopper looking for ways to spend their money. Remember over 50% of purchases were not planned.

So what kind of light is best?

I would say that it doesn’t really matter if the light comes from above, below or from the side. As long as the product is illuminated, it will have the desired effect.

Just make sure that the light is bright and uses a colour temperature that will fit in with other lighting in the store. A yellow light can look old fashioned and can alter the natural colour of the products. A cool white looks modern. So probably opting for a natural daylight colour may be best in many cases.

Obviously the lighting system you choose needs to be as maintenance-free as possible. Choose a modern LED system as the lights will run for generally between 50,000 and 100,000 hours depending on the system chosen. LEDs are also very environmentally friendly and use very little electricity.

In my next message I will be telling you little known facts as to how you can get even bigger increases in sales.

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