Proudly British-hand-crafted bespoke electrical accessories

Proudly British-hand-crafted bespoke electrical accessories

Proudly British-hand-crafted bespoke electrical accessories

Focus SB has been hand-crafting high-end sockets, plugs, switches and switch plates and many more products for over 35 years and prides itself on being 100 percent British made.

The East Sussex-based company offers unrivalled service and manufactures all their products to order with the highest standards and best quality based on individual requirements giving your home or business a touch of elegance.

“If you have a beautiful home or office, you want the very best, even for your sockets and switches. You want the very best in quality and design,” explains Steve Moss, Sales and Marketing Manager for Focus SB.

You don’t need to worry either, because “we deal with projects no matter the size or budget.”

While Focus SB prides itself in delivering equally high-level customer service to all its clients, it’s important to highlight it has worked on huge challenging projects, including the Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Ritz Hotel and Wimbledon, just to mention a few.

Steve says that there is currently a growing trend for bespoke electrical accessories and Focus SB has adapted well to the industry’s evolution by continuously innovating in design and quality while manufacturing all their products by hand meticulously meeting the specific requirements of each of their clients.

However, Focus SB also has a huge stock of traditional wiring, sockets and switches.

“You can walk in and buy products that are already there to meet the individual needs of each of our customers although today more and more clients prefer to place their order and don’t mind waiting a few days while we manufacture their bespoke products,”, Steve adds.

Focus SB has been dedicated to manufacturing electrical wiring accessories of unparalleled quality.

Industry pioneers, the company’s innovative design and cutting edge manufacturing techniques, paired with superior materials and components, ensures Focus SB’s sockets and switch plates are highly sought after for prestigious interiors projects, both in the U.K. and globally.

“With all products manufactured and hand-finished in the U.K., Focus SB is the only electrical accessory manufacturer that can boast it has total control of the manufacturing process in-house at its East Sussex facility,” the company states on their website.

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The company works closely with designers and installers every step of the way, and its in-house engineering and finishing facility enables the company to be flexible and reactive to customer demands, especially for bespoke products.

“Customers benefit from tailored services including the production of one-off samples specific to their brief, as well as the opportunity to view Focus SB’s manufacturing processes.#

Unique to Focus SB, electrophoretic lacquering of polished brass plates provides durability and offers a hard wearing finish that ensures its products will keep their appearance over time. Superior products with trimless design feature crisp edges and clean lines and offer more metal plate with less plastic trim. Focus SB is the only U.K. manufacturer able to match its rocker and dolly switches to its plate finishes.

Product innovations have seen Focus SB develop and manufacture the U.K.’s only totally flush-fit faceplate, the Focus SB Smoothie®, in collaboration with the forward-thinking designers at SHH architecture and interior design practice.

The company’s USB socket is one of few products in the UK with dedicated amperage for faster simultaneous charging of tablet and mobile ‘phone. Focus SB’s energy-saving hotel key card switches are rated at 32 amps, where many alternatives are not.

Focus SB works closely with designers, architects, specifiers and installers so they strongly believe dialogue with their clients is paramount.important. If you agree, do follow us on

“We put just as much effort into our service as we do designing and finishing our accessories. This has, over the years, earned us an enviable reputation of not only offering top quality products but also a free-from-stress, efficient, service. This is down to our talented and creative team of engineers and designers who use their expert advice to guide you through your design needs,” says Roger Kemp, Focus SB Chairman.

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