Pulsar lights up the Seef Mall

Seef Mall

Pulsar lights up the Seef Mall

Pulsar was selected to supply external lighting to illuminate the façade of Seef Mall in Bahrain. The mall has become one of the most family-friendly shopping and entertainment destinations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Starting out as Bahrain’s first mega-mall when it opened in 1997 it quickly became the go to place for locals and expats who were keen to experience the variety of international stores.

Now, the mall hosts a huge selection of stores, restaurants and entertainment facilities. With over 135,000 sqm of space, the large façade of the building was the perfect canvas to demonstrate the capabilities of the latest Pulsar fixtures.

Seef Mall2The fixture layout and design was completed by the internal lighting design service provided by the Elames Lighting BSC team, who wanted to create an even, reliable light across the building.

Having selected the Luxeos18 from our new flagship Luxeos Range, a 40 degree beam angle for maximum uniformity was chosen. The design involved careful spacing out the units around the façade, taking into consideration the restrictions caused by roads, trees and existing civil infrastructure. The Luxeos18 was chosen based on its ability to generate a fabulous array of colours with ultra-smooth dimming and a control system second to none. The Luxeos18 fixture, incorporating the latest Quad core LED technology is a worthy successor to the world-class ChromaFlood200’s, which were previously installed.

Pulsar’s rich history of building long-lasting, durable and reliable lighting products – showcased in Bahrain since 2007 – was a key factor in the decision making process, having demonstrated over a number of years our ability to withstand the high heat, salt water, humidity & dusty conditions the Bahrain atmosphere delivers.

The lighting installation is controlled by a Pharos TPC control system, providing timed events, remote access, easy configuration of the fixtures via RDM and a very easy user interface for temporary, on-the-fly or pre-programmed lighting events.

If you want to find out more about the Luxeos Range click here: http://pulsarlight.com/products/luxeos-range/


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