In a class of their own, Ole Wanscher’s furniture designs radiate exclusivity and a high level of craftsmanship while standing out as refined, sculptural objects. His OW124 or Beak Chair design, which Carl Hansen & Son is now adding to its collection of classic furniture designs, is no exception. With its expressive silhouette and pronounced armrests, the lounge chair reflects Wanscher’s commitment to challenging perceived limits.

Carl Hansen & Son is adding yet another chair to its collection of Wanscher furniture: the OW124, which Wanscher designed in 1951 and presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition the same year. The chair is an elegant example of Wanscher’s sculptural design – thanks in part to the unique, beak-like armrests that inspired the chair’s nickname: the Beak Chair.

Wanscher_OW124-beak-chair-oak-oil-sif95_Detail-sideThe Beak Chair exemplifies Wanscher’s masterful grasp of furniture-making techniques and his commitment to continually experimenting with design. With its distinctive armrests, which shoot out from the main frame, the Beak Chair demands exquisite materials and exemplary craftsmanship. The chair’s soft, curved elements seamlessly join one another in an organic flow. Only the cover caps on the sides of the armrests are visible – a fine, functional and decorative detail reminiscent of a bird’s eye.

Material play “The chair epitomizes Wanscher’s desire and ability to explore materials and shapes. The seemingly floating armrests are designed with such precision and elegance that they appear as natural extensions of the rest of the structure. Here, Wanscher fully demonstrates his deep understanding of materials,” explains Carl Hansen & Son CEO Knud Erik Hansen, adding that the Beak Chair’s unique expression makes the chair as relevant today as when it was first unveiled in 1951.
Ole_Wanscher_highresThroughout his career, Wanscher was inspired by English furniture from the 1700s, and designed a wide range of works with this era as his starting point. The cultivation of slender dimensions and resilient shapes that we see in the Beak Chair reflects this process. Wanscher’s furniture is at once classic and modern – a combination that makes his works sought-after collector’s items around the world. “The Beak Chair is the perfect addition to Carl Hansen & Son’s collection of Wanscher furniture, which also includes his Colonial Series – one of our best-selling furniture series worldwide. We expect the Beak Chair to make even more people aware of Wanscher’s unique talent,” says Knud Erik Hansen.


Carl Hansen & Son has worked closely with Wanscher’s heirs to recreate the Beak Chair in accordance with Wanscher’s original drawings. “Ole Wanscher was a very skilled and versatile designer who created many beautiful pieces of furniture that unfortunately did not gain the wide recognition they undoubtedly deserve,” adds Knud Erik Hansen. “Carl Hansen & Son will now present the Beak Chair alongside other Wanscher designs to the rest of the world through our international sales organization.”


Wanscher_OW124-beak-chair-walnut-oil-sif95Available in oak, black-painted oak, or walnut with fabric or leather upholstery, the Beak Chair features natural, sustainable materials, allowing customers to create the chair ideally suited to their modern or classic interiors – regardless of whether one is a dedicated Wanscher enthusiast or simply wishes to add a sculptural, unique piece of furniture to one’s space.
The OW124’s dimensions are: 40 cm (seat height), 79 cm (height), 73 cm (depth) and 65 cm (width). The OW124 will be in stores from September 2017.


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