PULSAR: Reflecting more than just light

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PULSAR: Reflecting more than just light



Reflecting more than just light

Pulsar: the lighting company behind projects like Millenia Tower in Singapore and the World Trade centre in Bahrain has recently made a few exciting changes.

Based in the heart of Cambridge UK, Pulsar develops and manufactures electronic control and lighting systems that provide the core of many hi tech installations around the world.

For customers, very little changed when the company became Luxeos Luminaires Ltd. “Customers still call us Pulsar, the same fantastic management team and employees, the same company you have known for 45 years,” says Bill Read, head of marketing.

Having successfully launched their new Luxeos Range of products, the name change is significant to the company’s plans for the future. They wanted a name that reflects the passion and drive the company has for the new range. The entire team are clear that the back bone for the company has remained identical: Reliability, Durability and Longevity.

The new Luxeos Flood and Luxeos Linear Range product launch took place at the world-renowned Science Museum, London in February. This was the first chance for VIP guests to be hands on with the latest, industry leading Luxeos Range.

The launch was a great success and the company has recently won the largest contract in the company’s 45-year history and it is all Luxeos products.

Brian Pohl, the CEO of the company believes that their success is due to primarily listening customer needs and designing products which deliver the right effect, along with Pulsar’s legendary reputation for build quality and product longevity earned within the industry.

“We work with our customers to ensure that the light we provide is exactly the light they need for the desired effect.” This comes back to one of Pulsar’s earlier mottos “Lighting for Effect.”

Over time, Pulsar has developed a reputation for their reliability, durability and longevity. This is best demonstrated by having two installations surpass the 100,000 mark, one of which is currently over 120,000 hours of continuous, trouble free operation.

Pulsar-made LED lights were installed on the factory building in May 2003 and have been running 24/7 ever since.

It’s the longevity of the products that Pulsar works hard to ensure. No matter what the building, wall or façade you want lit, you want to work with a company and a team you can trust. Pulsar has a rigorous product and solution design process ensuring customers are investing into lighting installations with a long trouble free life.

This British based company pride itself on its decades of heritage and wants to ensure that their exciting future remains firmly in Britain for both the designing and manufacturing of their product ranges.

With new products and projects in the pipeline, Brian says that the entire team “is excited and ambitious about the future.”


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