Summer with Detail Lighting…

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Summer with Detail Lighting…

With the summer nights getting longer and the weather getting warmer why not illuminate your outdoor living space with lighting from Detail Lighting.

Founded in 2000, Detail Lighting specialise in the design and supply of LED lighting. The company is 100% driven by the needs of the project always demonstrating our experience in technical areas of colour temperature, intensity, colour rendering and positioning of light sources on each and every scheme we are involved with.

Detail Lighting director, Piero De Marchis, has a wealth of experience in the industry, having been an active figure in the sector for more than twenty-six years. Piero works alongside a dedicated team – comprising eleven people in total – all of whom bring their own vast knowledge and experience to the company. It is this collective range of expertise that has allowed Detail Lighting to grow safe in the knowledge the company can answer any queries or questions a potential client might have.

With premises in Bucks and a studio presentation space in Clerkenwell, Detail Lighting has built up a strong presence with the A&D sector, which has added to the company’s steady, year-on-year growth. If you would like to visit, we encourage you to come and view our products in person.

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Telephone: 01908 613 256 / Email: [email protected]


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