The Tower at GWQ by Assael Architecture

THE TOWER AT GWQ, London Assael Architecture

The Tower at GWQ by Assael Architecture

THE TOWER AT GWQ, London Assael ArchitectureArchitect: Assael Architecture

Developer / Client: Barratt West
M & E Engineer: Buro Happold
Structural Engineer: David Dexter Associates

Acoustic consultant: Hann Tucker Associates

Size / Gross internal area: 13,600 m²

Cost: £25,000,000
Total Number of Floors: 27 storey tower with public viewing gallery
Completion: 2014

This sophisticated double skinned 27 storey tower stands along the Golden Mile in Brentford and is the tallest building in the neighbourhood.


THE TOWER AT GWQ, London Assael ArchitectureThe complex design was wholly determined through extensive research into surrounding environmental factors. The shape and orientation of the building minimizes the impact of wind to the public piazza. The twin skinned cladding is imported from China and protects the residents from prevailing winds: the outer skin creating an enclosure against noise, wind and rain, whilst the inner skin acting as a thermal barrier.

The residential apartments are protected from the noise of the adjacent M4 motorway and benefit from the dual skin façade through the inclusion of winter gardens, providing amenity space throughout the year. The glazed “skirt” at the bottom of the tower is devised to protect pedestrians from any adverse weather conditions and to sweep wind away.

Artistic light strategies are incorporated to create an active façade and illuminate the skies at night and and a public viewing gallery sits at the top.

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