Thorn Lighting delivers energy efficiency and a modern Nuremberg cityscape

Thorn Lighting delivers energy efficiency and a modern Nuremberg cityscape

Thanks to Thorn Lighting 14.1% of the 48,000 street lights in Nuremberg are now equipped with LED technology.

Nuremberg is a true pioneer when it comes to efficient urban lighting. Innovative R2L2 LED street lights from Thorn play a major role here, fulfilling a range of different lighting tasks with tailored illumination levels and task-specific light distributions. Last year new LED street lighting helped save more than 0.5 million kWh.

After nearly three years of operation, the overall results have been extremely positive. The product design and high-quality look continue to impress, while the various combinations of LEDs, lens technology and control gear have more than matched initial expectations.

The installation has certainly made a good impression on Norbert Hirschmann, Head of City Lighting in the SÖR/1-E section of the public spaces service team: “We have only had issues with 15 of the 1800 R2L2 street lanterns. That is a very good ratio.” Equally pleasing is the fact that these Thorn luminaires have delivered annual savings of 800,000 kWh when compared to the original high-pressure sodium vapour lamps.

The project has also delivered a shift from yellow light to significantly whiter LED light with a colour temperature of 4000 K. Certain residents were somewhat sceptical, but initial reluctance soon turned to clear acceptance when the benefits of improved energy efficiency were explained – especially as neutral white LEDs are markedly more efficient than the equivalent warm-white LEDs with 3000 K. Lowering the luminous flux to 50 per cent between 9:00 pm and 6:30 am has also helped deliver further energy savings.

Taking all these factors into account, it is not hard to see why Nuremberg is now being hailed as a true pioneer in the world of urban street lighting.

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