UK’s first tiltable, fire-rated, IP65 LED Recess downlighter


UK’s first tiltable, fire-rated, IP65 LED Recess downlighter

Collingwood Lighting H4FFThe new H4 FF luminaire from Collingwood Lighting is the UK’s first tiltable and dimmable LED downlighter to be fire-rated, moisture-resistant, and small enough to fit a recess of only 56mm. It has an IP65 rating and is fully Part L compliant for 90 minutes’ fire resistance, sound attenuation, and air tightness.

The lamps, which tilt up to 20° to either side at the touch of a finger, come in a choice of beam angles (38° or 60°) and colours (neutral white or warm white). Because the luminaire has a low profile, it fits easily into shallow ceiling voids. That makes it particularly suitable for challenging domestic and hospitality environments, including bathrooms and wet rooms.

Collingwood Lighting H4FF“The H4 FF changes the lighting rules for homes, hotels, and other environments where looks count,” says Justin Maeers, Chief Technical Officer at Collingwood. “Because it combines so many features in a single fitting, architects and interior designers can be far more playful with their lighting schemes. They can place low-energy LED light within any room in a building and direct the beam wherever they want. There are cost savings too: by making better use of each light beam, they need fewer fixtures.”

The H4 FF is designed in the UK using technology that’s unique to Collingwood Lighting. The company has a patent pending on the mechanism that enables a tiltable fitting to be fire-resistant and moisture-tight. Collingwood’s designers have also thought hard about the look of the finished fitting. It comes with a thin 5mm bezel in a choice of brushed steel, chrome, and white finishes.

The units are long lasting and highly energy efficient. Each 8.5W luminaire generates as much light as a 50W halogen bulb, and the LED lamps typically last 70,000 hours. Collingwood backs each luminaire with a free seven-year extended warranty.

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