VENTURE LIGHTING: A pioneer of light sourcing technology

VENTURE LIGHTING: A pioneer of light sourcing technology

As market leaders in metal halide lighting technology, Venture Lighting are now bringing those same high standards to a brand new range of LED lighting.

Their range includes LED luminaires, LED modules and LED drivers. With their LED lighting solutions they bring the very latest in LED technology as well as an unrivalled service and warranty. With huge energy savings and high quality products they couldn’t not make it into our Lighting Solutions Series.

Over their 30 years in the industry, Venture Lighting have built a great reputation, whilst adapting to the industry providing the best and most relevant products.

Last month they launched VFLOOD, a new professional LED Floodlight range designed for low maintenance in corrosive environments. They wanted to offer a longer performance life with a low profile design. The floodlights are designed perfectly for high corrosive environments including swimming pools, coastal areas and offshore environments. The long life ensures that the installation requires minimal maintenance and eliminates the need for regular replacements.

Paul Mettham, Product & Market Director at Venture Lighting Europe believes that new range will provide customers with new and improved benefits for professional flood lighting. He said “VFLOOD has already become a sought after product by our customers and we are confident its energy saving benefits will provide an improved environmental performance from floodlighting fixtures.”

Venture Lighting have completed a huge number of successful installations over the years. After only one year of launching their VLED Westminster Retrofit Street Light engine, they had installed over 3000 across the London Borough of Merton alone. By using the retrofit solution the council were able to utilise existing columns and laterns which saved considerable time and money. Its longevity means that the installations are virtually maintenance free with an impressive LED life of 100,000 hours.

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