Zumtobel Group now provides fully integrated services under one roof

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Zumtobel Group now provides fully integrated services under one roof

Zumtobel Group — a leading player in innovative lighting solutions and components — has brought together under a single roof all their unrivalled services.

In a newsletter dated in Dornbirn, Austria, the international lighting company explains this “move supports the Zumtobel Group’s aim of strengthening its position as a service-oriented company, while at the same time expanding its portfolio in the fast-growing connected lighting market.”

Under the ZGS brand,  Zumtobel Group Services will offer a wide range of services, not only providing light contracting, design services, and consultation on intelligent lighting controls and emergency lighting systems but also meeting the growing demand for project management of turnkey lighting solutions from a single source.

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The ZGS will now include new data-based services such as building-use analyses.

“By bringing our complete range of services under one umbrella in the new Zumtobel Group Services business unit, we are taking the next logical step in the strategic realignment of the Group,” the group states.

“The high-performance  ZGS team of some 240 employees will help us focus even more sharply on services going forward.”

This new venture does not only set a milestone for the Zumtobel Group, but it is also a way to add real value for their customers.

The new ZGS offers one of the most comprehensive integrated service portfolios in the entire lighting sector, says Zumtobel Group CEO Ulrich Schumacher.

The group is also developing themselves into an innovative, software-oriented service provider, Mr Schumacher adds.

Examples of Service Projects

Past project experience has shown that – in light of the increasing complexity – customers want a single partner who can offer competencies in project development and management as well as the actual implementation.

Zumbotel says this was evident in the Zumtobel Group’s EUR22-million contract with Wilko, a British supermarket chain, for the modernisation of the lighting in 380 stores.

For this project, the Group not only provided the new LED lighting but also oversaw its installation.

For the customer, this meant a single point of contact for all its lighting needs.

Projects in the field of connected lighting also illustrate the Zumtobel Group’s stronger focus on services, with ZGS offering its customers new possibilities for the use and analysis of data-based software services.

In the LifeCycleTower ONE project, for instance, the Group teamed up with Bosch Software Innovations to develop a system providing real-time technical status and space utilisation data for the building.

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About Zumtobel Group Services

The ZGS brand offers one of the most comprehensive integrated service portfolios in the entire lighting sector.

In addition to project management for turnkey lighting solutions, the range of services includes financing models for lighting systems, design and installation of lighting management systems and emergency lighting systems, and global aftersales services.

ZGS also provides its customers in the high-growth connected lighting market with data-based software services and analyses.

Zumtobel Group Services turns light into customised, integrated, ready-to-use solutions. The brand is part of Zumtobel Group AG, based in Dornbirn in the Vorarlberg region of Austria.

For further information visit www.zgservices.com.

About the Zumtobel Group

The Zumtobel Group is an international lighting group and a leading player in the field of innovative lighting solutions and components.

With its internationally established brands, Thorn, Tridonic and Zumtobel, and the ACDC and Reiss brands, the Group offers its customers around the world a comprehensive range of products and services.

In the lighting business, the Group with its Thorn, Zumtobel and ACDC brands is the European market leader.

The Reiss brand supplies OEMs with luminaires with a higher degree of protection. Through its lighting components brand, Tridonic, the Group plays a leading role worldwide in the manufacture of hardware and software for lighting systems (LED light sources and LED drivers, sensors and lighting management).


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