Zumtobel, the unique lighting company that sees beyond lights


Zumtobel, the unique lighting company that sees beyond lights

Many of the top lighting companies in Europe have intensely ventured into new technologies that are more efficient and more flexible in what today are becoming a growing trend as well as necessity, which is LED lighting with an artistic touch.


But more importantly,  Zumbotel Lighting – a company with roots in Austria that in the UK is a brand of ZG Lighting (UK) Limited and has been one of the best in the industry – has taken their knowledge of the industry one step further.

In a feature on their website, Zumbotel explains that there’s way more to lighting that meets the eye, concepts that are collected under what they call Active Light.



“Always reliable and yet simultaneously surprising, natural light has guided and accompanied us since the dawn of time. It intuitively supports our natural rhythm and has a dynamic influence on our ability to see, providing us with new images that stimulate our emotions on a daily basis. It controls human processes and even influences our internal clock.

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“Active Light uniquely imitates natural light, opening the realms of time and space to various different levels of human interaction when combined effectively with architecture. As a result, a careful blend of intensity, colour and direction at the right time can support natural light – evoking a higher quality of life through light.”

Lighting has three levels of quality:

  • Visual: This is the most obvious and it is directly related to the ability of our eyes to collect information, which is more efficiently done with adequate lighting to assist in “Optimal assimilation of information.”
  • Emotional: Parts of the brain that process visual stimuli which helps our wellbeing, our attention, identity and changing moods.
  • Biological: Or Hormonal secretion and body functions which can positively affect our activity, activation, recreation and stabilisation of our internal clock.

When lighting, many other factors also need to be considered, such as the intensity of the light, the timing, the direction and the tone and colour. Where and when to apply these different elements is essential to lighting and how it works in favour of your home, your business, your schools and hospitals as well as public areas.

For example, intelligent and advanced lighting solutions such as the ones offered by Zumtobel can increase productivity at your business, enabling better learning at schools and ensuring optimal vision at hospitals while creating spaces of tranquillity and safety in parks and other public spaces.

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