Zumtobel’s Mirel LED


Zumtobel’s Mirel LED

MIREL evolution


MIREL evolution – the most energy efficient luminaire in its class

The MIREL LED recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaire is the most efficient luminaire in its class with a luminaire efficiency of up to 136 lumen per watt. Thanks to the special lens shape, directed bat wing light distribution is achieved for the best possible desk lighting and a brilliant appearance without any annoying glare (UGR<16 and 65°<1500 cd/m2). The luminaires offer an unparalleled price-performance ratio, even in offices and teaching spaces, which leads to extremely short amortisation periods.

In addition to the extensive standard range, which includes an opal version, you can also get MIREL evolution modular as a custom-made renovation solution: The modular platform for MIREL lens luminaires contains both quadratic models and linear luminaires for flush installation.

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